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1.2: Module 1 Overview

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    WHAT YOU’LL LEARN TO DO: Use dimensional analysis, significant figures and scientific notation to take measurements, convert between units and perform calculations

    Learning Objectives

    After completing this week’s assignments you will be able to:

    • Convert numbers from regular notation to scientific notation.
    • Perform calculations to the correct number of significant figures.
    • Perform calculations using numbers with SI units.
    • Convert between base units and units containing prefixes.
    • Perform calculations using dimensional analysis.
    • Become acclimated with common laboratory equipment



    Approximate Time to Complete

    Due Date

    Read Introduction 5 minutes Before Lab
    Complete the Pre-lab Problems (Make sure you get this signed before you leave lab!) 15 minutes Before Lab
    Complete Pre-lab Quiz
    Material will come from the lab introduction, safety, procedure, and the pre-lab questions.
    10 minutes Before Lab
    Complete Lab Handout (Page 8-12) Varies minutes outside lab Due at the Next Lab Meeting

    *All students are expected to participate in the completion of the prelab assignment regardless of whether the assignment is an individual or group assignment.

    *Prelab quizzes must be completed prior to coming to lab for a student to be admitted to class.

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