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Questions about Water

All are encouraged to think and ask questions. Water is the most common compound on Earth, and we all want to know something about water. Let us simply ask questions and not worry about having to answer them. Finding answers for them is fun. The following are some suggested questions organized in groups. Several pages are devoted to water, but they may not answer all the questions.

  • Is water actually a chemical or compound, which occurs naturally?
  • Does a beautiful blue lake contain pure water?
  • snow.jpgIs the water from a drinking fountain pure?
  • Is water from the rain pure?
  • What is deionized water? Is it pure?
  • Is distilled water pure?
  • Are all waters the same?
  • What are the properties of pure water?

h2o.gifChemistry of Water

  • In what way chemists are interested in water?
  • What are considered chemical information or properties of water?
  • Is water the only substance on Earth exists in solid, liquid, and vapor states?
  • What do chemists know about the water molecule?
  • What is heavy water, and how is it different from ordinary water?
  • What is radioactive water?
  • What are the applications of heavy water and radioactive water?

snowman.gifPhysics of Water

  • In what way are physicists interested in water?
  • What are the physical properties or information of water?
  • How are the microscopic characters such as bonding and symmetry of the water molecule affect the physical properties of water?
  • What are the extreme or unusual properties of water?
  • What properties of water are often used as standards of our measurements?

niagarafall.jpgNatural Water

This picture is illuminated Niagara Falls at night from

  • How much water is there on Earth?
  • What percentage of Earth is covered by water?
  • What percentage of water is fresh (unsalted)?
  • Where are the fresh water resources, and how is it distributed?
  • How does water affect or interact with other natural substances of Earth?
  • What is happening in the hydrosphere?
  • How does water affect or dominate the weather?
  • What is hard water, and how do water softener work?
  • How does your city (or home) get the water, and how was the water treated before you use it?

Biology of Water


  • Does life began eons (an incalculable period of time) ago from water?
  • How does life begin and, by the way, what is life?
  • What is the relationship between living things and water?
  • What water is best for drinking?
  • How do we deal with the problem of order and taste?
  • How many different brand of bottled water are in the market, and which one is the best buy?
  • What ingredients are in various soft drinks? Which one(s) is (are) the most popular and why?
  • How are sports drinks different from soft drinks?

waterdrop.jpgWater Treatment

  • What are the applications of water?
  • What changes are imposed on the water during the application?
  • How should used water be treated?
  • How is domestic and city waste water treated?
  • Who is responsible for checking the water quality?
  • What is the most beneficial way to operate a car wash?